3 Essential Steps For Perfect Summer Legs

Don’t get caught out this summer. Follow these simple steps from Skeyndor for effortless summer legs.

Suddenly it’s Summer. Unfortunately, I’ve been far too busy watching Orange Is The New Black and haven’t thought about, let alone tended to my legs since 2007. There are scales and cracks that would frighten anyone. Its high time I booked in for a leg wax. Upon close examination, there are red, inflamed bumps everywhere which are really not helping the situation.
Where to start? Let the pre-summer leg overhaul begin.
First thing is first: book your wax. Not on the day of the party or occasion, but a few days prior, particularly if you are planning on applying fake tan. Post waxed skin will need 1-2 days grace before tanning as the follicle is left wide open, inviting any lingering bacteria inside.
Let’s not forget to exfoliate before this wax. The trick with exfoliating, whether it be using a scrub, an exfoliating mitt or a dry brush, is to keep it regular. If you aren’t going to commit, don’t bother. Why? Your skin cells have a cycle and this cycle is regular,  therefore, our exfoliating must be too. Think of it as maintenance. Exfoliating is going to help remove the build-up of dull, dead skin that can get stuck in the hair follicle. Dead skin is known as ‘keratin’, which is why those pesky red bumps that appear on the back of the arms, thighs and buttocks are referred to as ‘keratosis pilaris’. Basically, the build-up of dead skin in the follicle causes a blockage, and then inflammation follows, which is what you can see (and probably want to pick at). If this has had you confused and frustrated, you aren’t alone.
Here is what you need to do:


Commit to body brushing, twice a day, using long, upward strokes toward the heart. Dry body brushing is a two in one because not only does it remove dead, dull, dry skin, but it also stimulates lymphatic drainage and circulation. Why is this a good thing? It will help to improve and also prevent cellulite, plus reduce any stubborn fluid retention around the thighs and buttocks.
Don’t freak out if you see your skin go a shade of pink, this is a good sign as it means the blood is circulating!


Twice daily, use a lightweight body moisturiser such as Body Sculpt Velvet Hydrating Emulsion. It absorbs into your skin quickly and helps to soften it. Once or twice per week, instead of body brushing, use an exfoliator in the shower and give your skin a really good scrubbing. Skeyndor Spa Senses Thermal Spring Salt Scrub contains high levels of magnesium that will re-energize your skin cells whilst natural salt granules slough off layers of dead skin. The salt will also help to take care of and protect the hair follicles as an added bonus.


We can also help to treat any skin issues such as dry skin or Keratosis with our diet. Try eating avocado, flaxseeds, walnuts, chia and fish amongst a healthy, balanced diet. You can also find at the chemist flaxseed or fish oil supplements which will have similar benefits. These legendary oils contain all of our essential fatty acids- omegas 3,6 and 9. Why do we need these in our diet? Because these are the fatty acids that our body cannot produce, therefore we are relying on our diet to give us our required dose. They will help to reduce inflammation, strengthen your cell membrane and in turn balance oil levels in the skin.
Of course, after your wax; avoid hot showers, sun exposure, fake tan and exercising for the next 24 hours. This is all with the same goal of not irritating the skin, especially now that it is silky smooth! If you are prone to ingrown hairs, apply a moisturiser that contains tea tree oil, to help soothe and prevent any infection. Also, hold off on the exfoliating for 48 hours as the waxing will remove a couple of layers of dead skin for you.
So, weather we thought about it or not, Summer is coming! Now that you have beautiful, smooth legs you won’t be caught out, you’ll be effortlessly comfortable to show off your legs.
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