A Guide to Skeyndor Face Masks

Everyone has a pretty consistent skin type, however certain factors can alter it throughout the day, week and season. Changes in climate, pollution in the air and stress are all factors that affect our skin. Understanding that the needs of a skin can vary depending on our environment is important so we can use the right products to help correct it.

I have oily skin and is this unpredictable Melbourne weather, my skin is seriously dehydrated. My nose is flaking and my forehead has dehydration lines. A skin concern that usually doesn’t affect me.

While, my Mum has mature, dry skin she can get an occasional pimple and breakout. When I ask her how she got to work and she says she’s missed the tram. My guess as to why she has broken out is because when there is no tram she walks along a main, busy, polluted road to get to work. Which leaves toxins in her skin causing breakouts.

One of the best ways to help adapt your skincare routine to the environmental changes and even those stressful lifestyle ones is through face masks.

Face masks contain a high concentration of active ingredients that allow them to act almost instantaneously. When our skin is faced with a specific need – for example, its dull or dehydrated with redness or even oily, face masks can provide a quick, visible solution to treat your skin concern.

The general rule for how long you should leave a face mask on is 15 to 20 minutes. Unless otherwise specified. Our new MyMask range achieves the desired results in only 5 minutes. Which is amazing for those nights you are rushing to beautify yourself before you head out.


A Guide to Skeyndor’s Face Masks:

MyMask Fresh Sorbet – With a sorbet texture this mask is ideal to return dehydrated skin back to feeling fresh and soft with an incredible moisturising and remineralizing effect, thanks to Norwegian Glacial Water and Malachite extract.

MyMask Fruit Jam – With glycolic acid and plant extracts rich in natural acids (cranberry, sugar cane, orange, lemon, maple, strawberry), this heavenly fruity mask aims to renew the skin through the acids and by using an exfoliation application with the help of strawberry seeds to add luminosity and brighten dull skin.

MyMask Dark Charcoal – A purifying and detoxifying mask to help rebalance the skin. Applied with exfoliation moments this mask contains volcanic sand from Iceland, activated charcoal and thermal water from the south of France, making it a must for anyone working or living the city.

Essential Hydratant Mask – Thanks to the chamomile extract this clay mask moisturises the skin down to its deepest layers. A must for beauty maintenance of dry and normal skin types to help maintain an optimal moisture content in the skin.

Essential Normalising Mask – Perfect for oily skin this clay mask has an astringent and regulating effect on oil glands. Thanks, the hamamelis extract or as it is also known witch hazel, this mask aims in absorb impurities leaving the skin matt.

Power Hyaluronic Deep Moisturising Mask – This mask is for very dehydrated skin and to help take care of the skin in cold and dry environments (perfect for winter). Thanks to its high content in polarized water and hyaluronic acid of very low and high molecular weight this mask helps hydrate the skin down to its deepest layers.

Clear Balance Pure Comfort Mask – This mask helps to refresh, rebalance and moisturise oily skin prone to acne without leaving a shine.

Natural Defence Fresh Firming Mask – Perfect for mature, ageing skin that needs an instantly refreshing, moisturising, firming and tensor effect that leaves skin feeling smooth and velvety.

Aquatherm Bi-Zone Soft Mask – Perfect for sensitive skin, dehydration and redness this face, eye and lip mask moisturises, calms skin and refreshes the complexion.


Face masks are an essential product that can help maintain your skin in-between facials and help to correct skin concerns that are lifestyle and environmentally related. They are an amazing go to in your beauty cabinet for when you are battling those annoying skin moments.


Elysha Lauren x

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