At Home Peel With Our Award Winning Concentrate

Who could forget that episode of Sex and the City where Samantha had her chemical peel. In fact, it’s scarred into the memories of most women.  When considering having a chemical or deep laser peel, it’s hard to not be concerned about the harsh side effects, burning, peeling and potential risk of scarring.

After many years of research and constant lab testing, Skeyndor has come up with their concept Derma Peel PRO, a multi-layer (as you know our skin is made up of many layers), sequential peeling technology that requires ZERO downtime. In fact, rather than stay at home and hide from the world, you HAVE to make plans and go out, because your skin will look so good. Along with this genius concept, inevitably came a supremely skin loving, sophisticated range of homecare that is an absolute must for those wanting to see a change in their skin.

The Derma Peel PRO Resurfacing Concentrate is a Bella Beauty Award Winner, and your ultimate 28 day, at home, shock treatment for renewing, refining the skin tone, texture and kick-starting cell repair from even the skin’s basal layer (where all the action happens). This silky, serum-like elixir is a carefully combined cocktail of actives. Plus, there is no need to wash it off once applied.

Beauty Blogger Tea Cup of Makeup gave us a review of our hero serum. “You are supposed to use the Derma Peel Pro for 28 days first, but because it is so precious to me, I use the Derma Peel Pro only once a week on Sunday nights and I can see such a huge improvement in the texture of my skin. It is so soft and I’ve received compliments that my complexion is glowing (in a nice way not as in an oil slick way!). These are my skincare essentials that I have with me even when I travel. Thank you, Elysha and the rest of the Skeyndor team! I can’t wait to try out the other products!”

Looking for more at home peeling products? Check out the whole Derma Peel Pro range and our NEW UNIQCURE Renewal Peeling Concentrate for a 7 -14-day skin peel.


Elysha Lauren x

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