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Show Some TLC To The Décolletage

While we’re all committed and meticulous about caring for our face and eyes to ward off the years, there’s an area we seem to forget: our décolletage. This delicate area, from chin to chest is one of the first places to reveal the signs of time, from dryness to wrinkling and sun damage, it is […]

Skeyndor’s Miracle Water

How the Aquatherm Thermal Concentrate Water can help so many concerns, not just sensitive issues and challenges The Skeyndor Aquatherm Thermal Concentrate Water is packed with essential minerals to improve skin condition and keep it healthy while saving and miraculously helping to treat redness, eczema, rosacea, general skin sensitivities, blotchiness and broken capillaries (and FYI […]

Dealing With Sensitive Skin

There are many reasons why you can have sensitive skin. It may be a condition you’ve been experiencing for some time, could be hormonal changes like pregnancy, menopause, stress or the result of using products that are way too aggressive. Whatever the cause, we understand how much of a guessing game your skincare routine can […]

Remodelling Mud, For Body Beauty

It exfoliates, it purifies, it contours, it’s what dreams are made of And it works in 3 minutes flat …. Yes, believe us Fire your sugar scrub and tell your coffee scrub to take a hike as the Body Sculpt Silhouette Remodelling Mud is about to become the STAR of your bathroom and your body-beauty […]

Introducing Skeyndor’s Powerful Body Range

BODYSCULPT, AN INDIVIDUAL APPROACH TO OUR BODY CHALLENGES Spring is here, and Summer is looming, which means shorts and bathers weather. So now is the perfect time to start on a body regime. How many times have we wished there was a magic wand we could wave and voila, last night’s dinner suddenly disappears, lumps are […]

Detox Your Skin For Spring

Skin suffering a case of the blahs?  Try a skin detox to give it a fresh start.  It’s just like a spring clean. When our system becomes overloaded with impurities, it’s sometimes hard for our body to effectively filter them. Generally, the impurities from toxins are flushed out through the skin, which is our natural […]

Say Good Bye To Harsh Chemical Peels

Forget everything you know about the old style chemical Peel. Things have changed. Like a lot of old-is-new-again ideas, the Peel has returned big time and its come a long way.  Nothing like the glycolic ones of over 10 years ago that hurt like hell, left the skin raw and red and had you hiding […]

Pure Retinol For Complexion Perfection

If you’re asking about an all-round ingredient that can help with almost any skin concern like acne, fine lines, oiliness, brown spots, dullness, dark circles, enlarged pores and drooping…. Pure Retinol is every expert’s suggestion. It’s very hard-working and at the SKEYNDOR office we’ve often referred to it as the headache pill of skincare because it is […]