Bridal Glow With Skeyndor

Don’t let wedding stress show on your skin.

Every bride should have that newlywed glow as they walk down the aisle.

That’s why we decided to put together some skin recommendations for brides to be. To get the ultimate bridal glow. 

Don’t wait until the last minute to start your Bridal Beauty Routine

We recommend a facial at least once a week leading up to the big day. For all skin, including sensitive, brides can’t go past Skeyndor’s Aquatherm Facial. We recommend a series of 4 facials, every week, 1 month before the wedding. Packed with minerals this facial is not only detoxing but it will ensure your skin won’t be irritated leading up to the wedding. It is also anti-ageing and super hydrating, so perfect to repair and plump up stressed skin. 

For brides who want a complete skin renovation, book your facials in 3 months out from the wedding. Skeyndor’s Derma Peel Pro is the way to go. This revolutionary peel is the world’s first sequential peel. With 5 peeling techniques for perfect skin. This cosmeceutical grade peel will not irritate or leave you with nasty side effects the way traditional peels do. Having a peel that is effective, without damaging your skin will mean you can start that bridal glow early. No, redraw skin for the bridal shower and hens night. These facials are recommended every two weeks with Aqautherm facials in between to pump your skin with nutrients. 

Start a Glow-inducing Beauty Ritual

A skin ritual every morning and night will help ensure all the hard work in the beauty salon is being maintained with glow-inducing products. 

Our favorite products to get the ultimate glow are:

The Aquatherm Milk (purifying and super hydrating! Packed with skin loving minerals)

The Urban White Anti-pollution Shield Mist (keeps pollution & toxins away which causes breakouts and rich in minerals and vitamins, including Vitamin C! Perfect to brighten dull skin).

The Power C+ Eye Contour Gel (no one has time for tired eyes, especially brides. This lifesaver helps to diminish dark circles and puffiness all with a brightening and anti-age effect). This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be getting your shut-eye, 8 hours of solid sleep a night is extremely important for healthy skin.

With so many incredible serums, the bridal pick from Skeyndor is the Global Lift Elixir. This luxurious elixir combines a lifting, anti-ageing and pearlescent effect with hyaluronic acid and vitamin c for dewy, plump and glowing skin (a 3 in one serum that gives you all the best of Skeyndor).

To finish off a morning ritual, the Derma Peel Pro Cream not only has your important SPF factor but it will also help to resurface and smooth your skin (stimulating cell renewal and repair). 

In the evening the Power Hyaluronic Cream is your skin glow hero (super hydrating and plumping, you are guaranteed to wake up glowing).

For an extra restful beauty sleep after stressful wedding planning, the Eternal Sleeping Oil is your go to. Not only does it help nourish the skin, it also helps to repair and protect your precious stem cells, while essential oils help relax the mind into a restful sleep. 

Start cutting down on your sugar intake to avoid breakouts

Sugar is one of the biggest enemies when trying to avoid pimples and get your bridal glow. But your savor for when those pimples do appear… The Clear Balance spotless patches for a targeted nighttime treatment and the Spotless stick for a concealer day treatment. 

For your Groom

Skeyndor has a whole range dedicated to men’s skin with facials. For grooms who want easy skin routines and an odd facial leading up to the wedding. Skeyndor Men has easy setup by step products including a shaving gel and after shave balm to make sure even they have a wedding glow. 

And for your Mum 

Skeyndor’s Global Lift facial will help the Mother of the bride look and feel a million dollars with a complete lifting effect facial. 

Elysha Lauren x


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