Dealing With Sensitive Skin

There are many reasons why you can have sensitive skin. It may be a condition you’ve been experiencing for some time, could be hormonal changes like pregnancy, menopause, stress or the result of using products that are way too aggressive.

Whatever the cause, we understand how much of a guessing game your skincare routine can be and a struggle as to where to now? And, we also know sensitive skin conditions are very upsetting.

When it comes to pacifying sensitive skin that’s acting up, giving you grief and going in all directions, there’s a range that features all the trappings but none of the attitude. It sends a life-line to sensitivities and all the concerns that tag along with it and, its name is Aquatherm.

Soothing and extremely gentle on sensitive skin that has gone into overdrive, the Aquatherm products are formulated with the purest medicinal waters from Salies-de-Bearn, a natural source found in the French Pyrenees.  The waters contain a high amount of minerals like Calcium, Phosphate, Potassium, Iron, Zinc, Selenium, Silica and Copper that are helpful in improving the health of the skin.  These same waters also have the highest concentration of Magnesium in the world compared to other natural springs.  Magnesium helps boost the skin’s repair process, regenerate and protect the barrier function and restore a balance to sensitive and damaged complexions. Its unique formula also features countless plant extracts that work in tandem with the soothing and repairing benefits of Magnesium and other minerals.

While Aquatherm is high powered, it is at the same time very kind, coddling and spoiling and 100% dedicated to the special needs of vulnerable and fragile skin.  Its calms and redeems the complexion, neutralises redness and relieves irritation, eases itchiness and flaking on sensitive skin.  The products leave the skin feeling supple and soft as cashmere and looking dewy.

And, as sensitive skins can be cantankerous, Aquatherm also acts on reactive conditions too, like those prone to oiliness or secondary concerns such as dehydration and wrinkling.

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