Detox Your Skin For Spring

Skin suffering a case of the blahs? 

Try a skin detox to give it a fresh start.  It’s just like a spring clean.

When our system becomes overloaded with impurities, it’s sometimes hard for our body to effectively filter them. Generally, the impurities from toxins are flushed out through the skin, which is our natural detoxifying organ. However, a build-up can slow the body’s natural process and cause it not to work as quickly and efficiently as it should, and as we would like…

These toxins are enemies which affect the skin in so many ways. They can be attributed to our lifestyle … what we eat … too much rich food, drinking a little more wine than normal, smoking and, generally, life on a daily basis where pollutants, from the environment, bombard our skin.  

One of the problems is, that if these toxins accumulate over time, they can damage our cells and weaken their ability to detoxify, regenerate and preserve our youthful good looks.  As a result, they cause the skin not to function correctly, starve it of nutrients and oxygen which can prematurely age and dehydrate our skin, which makes it lifeless, sallow and tired-looking. And it can lead to breakouts, congestion and acne.  But, don’t despair it is all fixable.  

If the body’s natural detoxifying process isn’t working fast enough, this is the time to call on specialised skincare like our Power Oxygen range that comes into speed the ‘clean up’ process and get the skin back on track.  These products work much in the same way as a nutritional detoxifying programme would for our body.

The uniqueness of the Power Oxygen products, is not only their deep cleansing, detoxifying and purifying properties but also their ability to sort out problems by targetting free radicals, repairing damage and stimulating a healthier environment for the skin, giving it a fresh, new start. These products are also beneficial in boosting collagen and elastin production, addressing pigmentation, increasing cell turnover and circulation while they strengthen the skin’s barrier and shield it from more damage.  

Their active formula delivers and transports oxygen molecules deep down, to the tissues, where they can work their best and achieve amazing, clinically proven results. 

Our Power Oxygen homecare range features City Pollution Barrier-Boosting Serum and City Pollution Block Cream  (for normal to dry skins) or Gel-Cream (for combination to oilier skins).  Absolute nurturers, they purify the skin, support its health, enhance its vitality and condition. Plus with added oxygen, your skin can do its thing.  

To find out where to get your Power Oxygen Salon Treatment click here. 

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