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Spring is here, and Summer is looming, which means shorts and bathers weather. So now is the perfect time to start on a body regime.

How many times have we wished there was a magic wand we could wave and voila, last night’s dinner suddenly disappears, lumps are levelled, dimples are dashed and and jiggles are firmed up?

While we don’t have that magic wand just yet, we can help.  Addressing the vexing, multi-dimensional as well as the individual body issues, our highly advanced BODYSCULPT range eases and reduces the challenges for a naturally slimmer, firmer and more toned silhouette while it acts on cellulite, uneven surfaces and the wobbly bits.

There’s one very intriguing fact that we want to share with you that you may or may not know. Overnight the body rests and puts our thermostat on hold.  Our thermostat activates the storage of excess fats, so it stands to reason that the fats we did not burn during the day have to go somewhere.

Something else we want to share with you is that recent studies have identified a protein called NOCTURNIN (NOC), which is involved in the storage of fat, is present in the adipose tissue (which is where fats are stored, beneath the skin) and SKEYNDOR’s unique active ingredient, STOP NOCTURNIN, decreases levels of this protein which in turn reduces fat accumulation and storage while we sleep.  Isn’t that amazing?  It’s really cutting-edge stuff.

We can assure you that these hi-tech BODYSCULPT treatment products make a BIG difference and lessen the worrying body conditions for true improvements and results we will see and feel.  And as you would know, at SKEYNDOR we take all our beauty concerns seriously.

While BODYSCULPT does work its magic on the not-so-taut areas, the jiggles, fat accumulation, contours and cellulite, it also works on the other side, caring for the skin by regenerating, keeping it supple and super smooth.

These new products feature specialised ingredients that have been exhaustively researched and earned their reputation to help to combat our body woes. It’s exciting for us and for you too.

New Body Products



Age Defying Kit

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There are two (2) BODYSCULPT Beauty Kits designed for use morning and night at home over 30 days … the Draining Plan which has been formulated for fluid retention and circulation problems and the Slimming Plan, which is geared to address fatty prone areas, which is often hard to shift from the tummy and thighs.

The Draining Plan Kit contains the Celluli Siluet Booster, Draining Anti-Cellulite Gel and the Oil + Tonic Night.

The Slimming Plan Kit features the Celluli Siluet Booster, Stubborn Areas Anti-Cellulite Cream and Oil + Tonic Night.

The products included in our Beauty Kits are also available individually. Here’s a rundown of what they do for us.

For all types of cellulite and stretch marks and fluid retention, the Celluli Siluet Booster is a 30-day treatment to soften the orange peel effect and reduce volume.  It mainstays include Glaucine that acts on fat and guards against fat accumulation, anti-oxidant Dandelion rich in magnesium and zinc to help detoxify and soothe, Carnitine to burn fat and Caffeine to address fluid build-up.

The Draining Anti-Cellulite Gel is aimed at softer cellulite, addressing fluid retention by reducing volume and easing the uncomfortable bloated sensation.  It contains Golden Rod and mineral rich Yerba Mate, an effective anti-cellulite active that breaks down and burns fat.

The Night Oil + Tonic is a 2-phase night reducing treatment, with its STOP NOCTURNIN formula, that reduces fat build-up and the orange peel effect while also remodelling the body contour overnight.  It treats hard cellulite and cellulite with a high fat composition.  It features an Oil + Tonic (water) combination containing Plankton Extract, Pink Peppercorn Extract to boost circulation and detoxify, making it very helpful in the treatment of localised fat and cellulite and Carnitine to burn fat. While the product smooths the surface of the skin, it also boosts suppleness and contains the all-important, STOP NOCTURNIN to reduce overnight fat accumulation.

The Stubborn Areas Anti-Cellulite Cream is ready made for persistent, stubborn cellulite.  While it improves the appearance of the orange peel effect, it also stimulates the elimination of fat which lies beneath the skin.  Its active secret weapons are Raspberry Ketones to help burn fat, Caffeine and Carnitine to reduce fluid build-up and Glaucine that works toregulate the formation of fat tissue in the body.

The breakthrough BODYSCULPT range also includes the amazing Silhouette Remodelling Mud to visibly redefine and re-sculpt contours.  Thanks to its high levels of marine extracts, rich in trace elements and nutrients, it restores the mineral balance of the skin, leaving it exceptionally smooth, firmed and renewed.

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