Plumper Lips With Skeyndor’s Lip Filler Cream

When the lip filler Queen ditches her fillers, I think that means we are in for a new lip trend. 

A sigh of relief came over me when I saw Kylie Jenner with her toned down lips. To have plumper lips has always been at the top of my list. I have never hated my lips, but then again I have never loved them. I have a plump lower lip but a thin upper one and I have always admired full juicy lips. I mean what girl wouldn’t want smoochable lips like Angelina Jolie? But lip fillers were one extremity I wasn’t quite willing to try. I won’t lie it has crossed my mind, thinking maybe if I had the money and I had guts of steel, could I get away with it? But having it be painfully expensive, oh and the painfully painful injection, combined with not even knowing what chemicals they are pumping into my body, was just enough for me to throw the idea out the window.

Now, I have always been a sucker for lip plumping glosses, creams and techniques. The glosses and creams usually contain all sorts, like chilli to induce a reaction that will make lips appear fuller. But really, it just left my lips irritated with an unpleased burning sensation and did not last very long. Once the inflammation went down my lips were often left super dry and flakey. So, having tried all sorts of lip plumping ‘fads’, I was a bit of a sceptic when I went to try Skeyndor’s Corrective Lip Filler Contour Cream. 

As always though, Skeyndor never fails to disappoint. Not only did I see results when I was using the cream every day, it even lasted days after I stopped using it. I couldn’t believe the difference it made! My lips were smooth and plump! And the ever so slight tingling sensation when I first used the cream was the acknowledgement that it is doing something. 

After only just 2 weeks my lips were plumper and hydrated. My top lip especially had an extra bit volume, which I felt was seriously lacking, especially if I want a statement lip and over line my lips a little.

This product has a smooth and creamy texture, which sets well on my lips. I especially love the way my gloss or creamy lipstick glides over the top for a soft, plump finish. Some of the actives in this lip filler are peptides that lift and help fill, hyaluronic acid and a synthetic viper venom. 

I AM ADDICTED (hence why my lip filler is always empty, as pictured above), wherever I go, my Skeyndor Lip Filler comes with me! Literally. I love that my lips are left looking and feeling so plump after every application. And now the Queen has hailed a more toned down, less pronounced lip is in I can finally say my lips are ‘on trend’. 
I have enhanced my results by making my own lip scrub. I mix brown sugar and organic coconut oil. I use it before my Corrective Instant Lip Contour Filler, especially if I have a special occasion. It’s an easy DIY lip scrub, as unfortunately, Skeyndor don’t make one.
Elysha Lauren x

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