Remodelling Mud, For Body Beauty

It exfoliates, it purifies, it contours, it’s what dreams are made of
And it works in 3 minutes flat …. Yes, believe us

Fire your sugar scrub and tell your coffee scrub to take a hike as the Body Sculpt Silhouette Remodelling Mud is about to become the STAR of your bathroom and your body-beauty routine. 

This first of its kind in at-home body products takes the place of many for glowier and more contoured limbs and less obvious bumps.  It improves skin clarity and smooths down rough texture and dimpled bits reduces puffiness while it detoxifies and deeply nourishes. And it does all this in just 3 MINUTES. 

Use on the thighs, waist, tummy and buttocks to renew and remineralise.  Apply, wait 3 minutes and shower off and voila, skin is gloriously smooth, soft and supple.

Slathering mud over the body is nothing new… Cleopatra and the Queen of Sheba were devotees of its beautifying and therapeutic benefits.  

Mud draws out toxins and impurities while it gently exfoliates to improve skin tone and brightness, slim and firm and is a key in reducing cellulite. It can also help boost oxygen supplies and nutrients to the cells and, its potent healing powers have a remarkable effect on skin disorders, thanks to its mineral-rich properties. 

So, what makes the Silhouette Remodelling Mud’s formula so remarkable? 

It features Sapropelic Mud (Organic Mud) from the world-famous Belarusian Lake. Sapropelic Mud is often referred to as the Miracle Mud for its amazing therapeutic, anti-ageing and beauty benefits, its extraordinary regenerating effects on tissues and its soothing and anti-inflammatory action on muscles and joints. It contains Vitamins such as C, F, B2 in addition to inorganic salts and micro-elements.

In addition, the formula contains pure Thermal Water from the pristine south of France, Suaeda Maritima to boost the slimming effect and efficiency and the figure reducing results by breaking down larger droplets of fat to ease their elimination and, Volcanic Sand from Iceland. Known as Mother Nature’s skin purifier, the Sand is a combination of round, fine and regular particles for a pure and natural exfoliation and deep cleanse to leave the skin lustrous and beautiful.

The Body Sculpt Silhouette Remodelling Mud can be applied up to twice weekly on troublesome areas.


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