Say Good Bye To Harsh Chemical Peels

Forget everything you know about the old style chemical Peel. Things have changed.

Like a lot of old-is-new-again ideas, the Peel has returned big time and its come a long way.  Nothing like the glycolic ones of over 10 years ago that hurt like hell, left the skin raw and red and had you hiding inside for a week.

Now you can go custom-made with DermaPeelPRO and help your skin make a radical comeback.  Treating lines (smiling, smooching and sipping), sun-triggered discolourations, surface imperfections, skin texture, scarring and uneven tone has never been easier.

This new way of Peeling uses low percentages of multiple acids and enzymes rather than using a single, higher strength acid. Makes sense doesn’t it?  

Today, it’s all about infusing the skin with ingredients that diminish lines, build up collagen and improve tone, giving impeccable results without irritation or downtime, working faster, more effectively and its incredibly safe.  Even the most sensitive skins won’t blush or flare up. 

Here are a few reasons to try Derma Peel PRO, in addition to the immediate upshot of smoother skin that’s radiant and flawless in just one session at the salon.  

In just a few minutes, the acids and enzyme formula lifts away dead cells to start a chain reaction. As the surface layer is shed, deeper cells move up to kick-start the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen for a younger looking complexion.  You’ll also find your skin-care products work much better because there are no surface cells to hinder penetration. 

DermaPeelPRO’s ingredients dive deep down to unclog pores and reduce their size and address wrinkles.  At surface level, they work on clearing blackheads and dramatically fading acne and post pimple scars and stubborn brown spots.

Oh and as important, DermaPeelPRO is the perfect partner to your new little black dress!

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