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Eternal Cream
Size: 50ml

A powerful anti-age cream containing plant origin stem cells. Formulated to restore volume to the skin at its deepest layers this cream restores, stimulates, revitalises and renews the skin. For a fuller, more even and defined face.

Eternal Sleeping Oil

An anti-age, night-time restoration oil. A unique combination of natural oils, essences and extracts with a satin, non-greasy finish, leaving the skin smooth and soft. Fragranced with hints of jasmine, it enhances a feeling of well-being and promotes rest. Ideal for dry, mature or under-nourished skins.

Redensifying Filling Concentrate
2ml x 7

Skeyndor presents a next-generation Redensifying Filling Concentrate. See your skin completely transform with a more vital, fuller and denser appearance. Inspired in corrective aesthetic medicine. Recovers your facial volume.


Eternal Cream

Transform your skin with the power of stem cells. A first of it’s kind, Skeyndor has harnessed the magic of Apple Stem Cells to stimulate and support your skin’s repair process and cell turnover. Encapsulated in nanoliposomes Skeyndor discovered how to encapsulate plant stem cells and allow them to be compatible and absorb into the skin working alongside the Swiss government and their laboratory. In 28 days, your skin will be firmer, more lifted and wrinkles will be reduced.

Eternal Sleeping Oil

A powerful combination of natural skin loving oils, protecting and regenerating your precious skin cells while you sleep. Combined with a delicate combination of essential oils which create a sensorial experience, taking you away to a state of well-being and deeper sleep. A nutritional elixir for your skin with an instant smoothing and softening effect. The Eternal Sleeping Oil is a valuable addition to any skincare regimen, whether that be for anti-ageing benefits or to calm and uplift the mind. Non-greasy recommended for night time use.

Redensifying Filling Concentrate

A redensifying ampoule for a 3D skin fill effect. Powerful cell promoter. Simulates fills and rejuvenates the skin from the inside. Inspired by corrective aesthetic medicine. This ampoule helps recover facial volume. For skins which are fine or show loss of firmness, with vertical wrinkles (laughter lines and neck).


Eternal Cream

Plant Origin Stem Cell Nanoliposomes – Promotes the production of epidermal stem cells and protects them against environmental stress such as UV rays

Sea Fennel Extract – Harmonises the multiplication and differentiation of the cells. Detox effect on skin suffering from cellular asphyxia.

Lupin seed extract – Redensifies the dermis and improves the skin’s mechanical properties. Increases the synthesis of high-quality collagen.

Acmella Flower Extract – Reorganises the collagen fibres and improves their adhesion to fibroblasts, which tautens the support structures.

Eternal Sleeping Oil

Crambe Maritima Extract – Protects epidermal stem cells

Indian Chiretta Extract – Hypodermic stem cell stimulator that fights against biological ageing

5 natural oils – Avocado – Nutritive, Sesame – Repairer, Macadamia – moisturiser, Jojoba – protector, Wheat germ – antioxidant

Essential oils (ylang-ylang, bitter orange, jasmine) – Aids sleeping, relaxing, calming

Redensifying Filling Concentrate

Proteoglycans – Dermo-epidermal filler

Hydrolysed Collagen – Micro-lift firming

Artemisia Abrotanum Extract – Lipo-filler

BAKUCHIOL (Vit. A-like) – Filler firming


Eternal Cream

Apply the product to clean skin and massage in until an even colour is obtained.

Eternal Sleeping Oil

Apply daily to cleansed skin. Spread on the skin and massage gently until it is absorbed.

Redensifying Filling Concentrate

Shake the ampoule, open it, put the applicator in position and then apply the product to your hands and spread over face, neck and cleavage with smoothing manoeuvres. Carry out an energising massage with correcting effect, applying pinches. Set the product with the palms of your hands and apply your usual or recommended cream.

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