Show Some TLC To The Décolletage

While we’re all committed and meticulous about caring for our face and eyes to ward off the years, there’s an area we seem to forget: our décolletage. This delicate area, from chin to chest is one of the first places to reveal the signs of time, from dryness to wrinkling and sun damage, it is probably one of the most visible areas of ageing.

The skin in this area is more sensitive and thinner as it has fewer oil glands, compared to other parts of the body. And when we add gravity, the swiping and wiping and cradling of the mobile and the constant looking down and poising we do for the laptop, it’s easy to understand why this area is so vulnerable.

Whether you’re 25 or 50, ‘tech neck’ noticing or aiming to prevent lines and damage, invest in this area and care for it every day ASAP.

So, how can we get results and act on the issues of this delicate area to reduce those pesky lines, the appearance of sagging and skin fading over time? Enter our Natural Defence Throat Firming Cream, Winner of Best Neck/Chest Cream in the ACP Beauty Awards. It’s specifically formulated to help strengthen, nourish and firm, so it does more than just moisturize and keep the area smooth and supple.

It’s one of the best love-matches in skincare …. Adorably gooey, but not too gooey … this is just the product you’ve been waiting for.  It’s lush, yes, but absorbs in a flash for a hydrating and moisturising – never greasy – finish.

Deeply replenishing and super concentrated, the Natural Defence Throat Firming Cream is laced with the wonder ingredient, PCA Calcium to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and guard its integrity from the environment (we need that!). It also works to repair and improve the barrier function and boost firmness while helping to bring back the skin’s elasticity … no needles, scalpels or filters needed. In addition to PCA Calcium, the product features Ceramides that work at a deeper level to replenish and lock in moisture for all-important for intensely dehydrated skin. The Ceramides also shield against loss of hydration, irritation and sensitivity concerns. Added Soya Proteins work to provide a speedy tensing/tightening and lifting effect and Noble Oils for their high moisturising capacity and revitalizing properties.

Make a twice a day habit of massaging in the Natural Defence Throat Firming Cream (gentle, upward strokes please) to maintain the youthful beauty and radiance and unparalleled softness of the décolletage. While it may add an extra few minutes to your skincare routine, it’s so worth it. Your skin will love you for it and will reap the benefits.

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