Skeyndor’s Timeless Prodigy On Sunrise

Skeyndor’s New Prodigious Timeless Prodigy Range was featured on Channel 7’s Sunrise with a Special Report. Shaun White, interviewed Spa Q Sydney manager, Kelly King, on the 90 Minute Timeless Prodigy Facial.

The most exclusive technological jewel for your skin has arrived. Its name, TIMELESS PRODIGY. The exclusive union of science and luxury in a unique sensory experience as serum, cream and beauty treatment. With these products, Skeyndor puts the latest cutting-edge cosmetics into your hands to turn back the clock of time.

The most advanced anti-ageing technology to decisively fight the signs of ageing. A progressive action global ultra-anti-ageing line formulated with more than 25 pure ingredients. A new dimension in cosmetics that reaches all the way to the expression of the genes in the skin to impact the ageing of the cells and turn back the clock.

Timeless Prodigy is based on three strategies:

  • 5 GROWTH FACTORS Repair and redensify the skin and stimulate the formation of new cells. As a result, the appearance of wrinkles is softened and the skin appears more rejuvenated.
  • 50 MILLION DAMASK ROSE STEM CELLS Renew and rejuvenate the epidermis, strengthen the firmness and elasticity of the skin and bring new brightness and firmness to the skin.
  • WHITE TRUFFLE: “THE WHITE DIAMOND” With antioxidant effect, improves skin hydration and nourishment. Brings brightness and firmness to the skin.

Timeless Prodigy also features Kombucha and French champagne.

This luxurious facial treatment and products not only contains the finest ingredients from around the world but has also been delicately and carefully fragranced to awaken all your senses. Evoking the aroma of fruits and newly cut roses.          

The perfume imparts an initial freshness from the combination of bergamot with notes of wild raspberry. Then comes the delicacy of rose and jasmine, modernised with a beautiful touch of magnolia. Finally, a drop of patchouli in a base of amber and musk leaves a wonderful perfume on the skin.

Click here to watch the Sunrise Special Report.

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