Skin Spring Clean

With the smell of spring in the air its time for you to start preparing your skin for the new season. 

At the end of winter, there is usually a build up of dead skin cells, paired with a new season of heat, which will stimulate oil flow, and cause eventual breakouts.

To combat this, we want to get in early and make sure there isn’t a build up of dead skin, by effectively exfoliating/peeling and resurfacing it while pairing it with products that will boost the skin’s immunity.

 Our top Skin Spring Clean Products:

Power Retinol, Derma Peel Pro & MyMask to renew skin. 

The Power Retinol Serum – in – Cream is an anti ageing serum in cream with pure concentrated retinol, for an immediate perfecting effect. Triple “retinoid” activity based on the synergy of three active ingredients that are expertly combined to obtain a unique complex formula with unparalleled results and resurfacing abilities. This Serum is perfect for helping to combat wrinkles, dark spots and scaring. 

The Derma Peel Pro Concentrate is an Intensive 28 day exfoliating concentrate with acids and biological peptides. A 15% acid based Skeyndor breakthrough formulation for a potent promoter in the generation of new skin that is smoother and more luminous. If you want to target pigmentation, wrinkles, imperfections and skin texture this at home treatment is for you. 

Our New Charcoal MyMask is not only a 5 minute at home face mask but also an exfoliant. Perfect to target a build up of dead skin cells this mask/ exfoliant also has amazing detoxifying and purifying abilities to help balance oil flow and stop those breakouts. I am so lucky that I work for Skeyndor because I got my hands on this product a few months ago and it is AMAZING. My favourite Skeyndor home care mask at the moment. 


Anti-Pollution Shield Mist & Power Oxygen Cream to combat external aggressors.

Shield your skin from pollution with our powerful Anti-Pollution Shield Mist. Packed with the goodness of thermal water from the south of France and enriched with vitamin C and a unique anti-pollution active from the coral reefs in French Polynesia. Pollution can lead to premature ageing and a dull complexion… no one wants this. This face spritz is a perfect upgrade from the Aquatherm Thermal Concentrate Water as the added vitamin C helps energise the skin and it smells incredible!

The Skeyndor Power Oxygen Cream is formulated with an anti-pollution filter to let skin breathe and whilst protecting it from external aggressors. A combination of oxygenating, anti-pollution, antioxidant, detoxifying and prebiotic active ingredients create an intense purifying and all-round protective effect. Great for both Normal to Dry or Combination to Oily skin with two different creams available. 

Power C+ Cream to protect skin immunity. 

The Skeyndor Power C+ Cream has been uniquely formulated to ensure Vitamin C is fully absorbed by your skin cells even at it’s deepest layers. Vitamin C is an imperative ingredient for the antioxidant benefits it provides to the skin. This powerful ingredient also helps the skin by stimulating metabolism in the formation of collagen, while also evening skin tone, plus is to great to target pigmentation and even the skin tone. 

Body Sculpt Plans to kick start a summer workout.

With spring in the air the exciting and terrifying thought that swimsuit season is round the corner can cross all of our minds. 

When this thought hits, I turn to Skeyndor’s Body Sculpt. While many opt for new workout clothes, I opt for new body products. I want to help reduce cellulite, keep my skin tight and smooth and boost my workout results. Getting back into a workout routine is tough but with a little help from this range of products we can help boost our workouts and hopefully meet our body goals faster with the New Body Sculpt Plans. Draining for soft cellulite (visible) and reducing for stubborn cellulite.

Elysha Lauren x

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