Sleeping With Makeup On

We’ve all been told a million times to remove makeup before we go to sleep, but why is it important? What happens to our skin when we have those naughty nights off? You may not notice the skin damage immediately, but long term your skin can suffer serious consequences that can be difficult to combat when you sleep with makeup on. 

Now, I follow a strict skincare routine both morning and night, but after those late nights at work or cheeky Saturday nights when all I want to do is fall into bed… I have slept with my makeup on. We’re all guilty of it from time to time. 

So, here is a quick lesson in what happens to our skin at night time. And why at the very least, we need that trusty Skeyndor Micellar Water on our bedside table so we can easily take our makeup off. 

Circadian Rhythms

Circadian rhythms are our “biological clock” that regulate our bodies functions. While we sleep, we enter a phase of rest. Low body temperature, lower blood pressure and a reduction in the secretion of our hormones. It is also a time when our body takes advantage of this restful state to repair ‘damage’ it has suffered throughout the day. And most importantly, it is the time our skin enters its regenerative process. 

During the day the skin has a ‘shield’ mode, to defend itself against environmental damage, stress and pollution. At night, our skin relaxes and takes advantage of our circadian rhythms to regenerate. But what happens to the skin when you go to sleep makeup? Well, the skin finds a ‘barrier’ in its repair process. It has clogged pores, accumulated dead cells and impurities. It cannot correctly complete its nocturnal function and eventually, your skin can visibly suffer from the appearance of more wrinkles (premature, ageing), pimples and imperfections.

 What is the perfect nighttime ritual?

  1. First, a good make-up remover. I recommend the Skeyndor Micellar Water – a three in one cleanser, toner and moisturiser. Perfect for those lazy nights, leaves your skin feeling super refreshed ready to regenerate itself! Plus it does not leave a residue. 
  2. Second, for the nights you have time to complete a full ritual. A good cleanser. Skeyndor has different cleansing textures to make your skin feel more comfortable and ensure they target your concerns. Either a milk, lotion, gel or foam. My personal favourite is the Aquatherm Delicate Cleansing Milk. I love how it feels, its smell and how hydrating it is on my skin. I massage it onto my face then instead of rinsing with water, I spray my face with the Aquatherm Thermal Spray and remove the residue with a cotton pad. 
  3. Finally, I recommend a moisturiser. One that is specially targeted to help with your skin concerns. This will help your skin recover and regenerate while you sleep. So that you can wake up with radiant skin! My go to at the moment it the Power Hyaluronic Emulsion – super hydrating! 

We are all guilty of sleeping with our makeup on, but if you can just find that extra minute to remove your makeup before bed, I promise your skin will be much better for it! 

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