What Is A Serum?

what is a serum

When it comes to keeping our skin healthy and youthful, we often try all kinds of different skincare products. However, some of us are not familiar with serums and their effect.

Serum’s are used as an effective means to deliver actives to the skin. What has made it so popular recently is its quick results. You apply it on your face after you cleanse it and before moisturising. That way, you will deliver beneficial ingredients to your skin. Its molecules will penetrate deeply into the skin layers. Therefore, by using this skin product, you will be able to prevent wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

How to Use a Serum?

Before you start using it, read the label carefully. You can use them once or twice a day. Also, before you apply it, make sure that your skin is well cleaned. However, some serums are made to use for during the day, and some during the night. We recommend you lightly massage it in, to apply it most effectively.

Is Serum a Replacement for Moisturising cream?

Serums are loaded with active ingredients that will moisturise your skin. In addition, your skin will absorb it fast and it won’t become greasy. On the other hand, we can’t say that it can replace a traditional moisturiser. A barrier on your skin that is made by face creams helps to keep all of the ingredients in.

Furthermore, it should be a product that is used to improve the results of moisturiser, not its replacement.

Types of Serums

Now, this is it were it can get confusing. So hang tight, often an array of terms are combined with serum. Here are a few of the common combinations and some of our recommendations.

Booster Serum

A boosting serum usually refers to a serum that is going to show a quick boost to a particular goal. That goal could be anything but it usually refers to moisturising or hydrating. For example, Skeyndor’s very popular Moisturising Booster apart of the Power Hyaluronic Range is extremely effective a give 24H boost to the skins hydration levels and plumpness. Additionally, Skeyndor has recently launched an Anti-Population Barrier Booster Serum, this may be a bit wordy but its main goal is a rapid detox for the skin, giving it an instant boost to your barrier and defence system.

Serum Concentrate

This refers to a serum that has high levels of an active ingredient. Skeyndor is well known for its Intensive Exfoliating Concentrate – Resurfacing Peel Serum apart of the Derma Peel Pro range. This is a serum that has a large concentration of strong actives such as biological peptides, AHA including Gluconolactone / Lactic / Mandelic /Phytic acids. Not all concentrates mean it is a serum, however, concentrates can refer to anything that has high levels of actives in a concentrated form, for examples Skeyndor’s Vitamin C Ampoules are considered concentrates but not serums, as they come in microdoses, in breakable ampoules.


Have you ever wanted a serum but with the texture, look and feel of a cream. Something thicker that gives you the same results as a powerful serum but doesn’t necessarily require you put a moisturiser thereafter, this is something Skeyndor has formulated, apart of the Power Retinol range. It’s a serum inside a cream called the Intensive Repair Serum-In-Cream.


By introducing a serum to your daily skincare routine, you will achieve a plethora of benefits. It can clear skin blemishes and soothe wrinkles. Your skin’s texture will be smoother and its moisture levels will increase. In addition to that, a serum will make your pores look smaller.

Make sure that you choose the right serum for your skin type. Therefore, always read the label and the ingredients.

If it’s combined with a good moisturising cream afterwards, the results will be astonishing. You will look rejuvenated and fresh. Antioxidants and amino acids will strengthen the barrier of your skin in order to build powerful cell membranes. It will prevent your skin from becoming dry. Also, serums will protect it from toxins and the environment.

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