Which Ampoule is best for your skin?

UNIQCURE is a range of high tech concentrates in the form of skin ampoules. An ampoule is basically a supercharged serum with a high concentration of active ingredients. They are used as an intensive skin booster when your skin is having one of those days… weeks… or even months! UNIQCURE can help you tackle those basic skin problems from hydration to you more intense skin goals such as lightening pigmentation and smoothing wrinkles. 

Because each skin is different, it’s unique and has specific needs. Good cell renewal, an optimal skin barrier, that right level of hydration and luminosity are all essential to achieve a healthy and radiant glow. Not to mention smoothing out those pesky fine lines, wrinkles, flaccidity, evening the skin tone and lightening age spots and hyperpigmentation. 

With all these unique skin concerns Skeyndor wanted to give you a simple cure. A UNIQCURE.

Skeyndor has designed their ampoules to enhance aesthetic benefits without giving up your regular beauty ritual. With more than 35 clinically proven active ingredients across the range, UNIQCURE has been created with Skeyndor technology for extraordinary results on the skin and down to its deepest layers. 

The UNIQCURE ampoules are designed for an intensive week-long skin treatment. You can incorporate them into any beauty routine, with any products, combine them with each other and have a stash for those specific skin moments when you need a shock treatment. 

But which ampoule is right for your skin? 

Skeyndor has created four basic ampoules that are a must for anyone. They are for those main skin concerns – skin renewal, hydration, recovery and brightening. 

And then there are four other ampoules for specific aesthetic concerns – ageing and dark spots. 

The four basic ampoules are:

Renewal Peeling Concentrate – Thanks to its concentration of 15% exfoliating acids, this ampoule not only renews skin but also moisturises and illuminates it. These ampoules are especially indicated for dull, thickened skins with open pores or acne marks.

Intensive Hydrating Concentrate – This UNIQCURE has an incredible moisturising, soothing and rebalancing action. All this, thanks to actives that help your skins natural hydrants and hyaluronic acid precursors. This ampoule isn’t only for dry and dehydrated skin, its perfect for weekends away, holidays overseas and if you live in Melbourne, those sudden weather changes that affect your skin. 

SOS Recovering Concentrate – These are soothing ampoules of rescue sensitive and irritated skin. If your skin is reactive or is prone to atopy or couperose (with redness and red veins), then this is the ampoule for you. It is also the perfect treatment for after medical-aesthetic treatments such as lasers or peels.

Brightening Glow Concentrate – Combining three powerful antioxidants this ampoule works to quickly illuminate and unify skin tone. With a 10% stabilised Skeyndor discovered vitamin C derivative, this ampoule will help give your skin greater luminosity than ever before. It is perfect for stressed skin, starting to age with faint spots. 

The four specific ampoules are: 

Wrinkle Inhibiting Concentrate – Thanks to the synergistic action of three powerful decontractors, these ampoules achieve a smooth and wrinkle-free appearance. They are especially indicated for skins with expression lines and wrinkles around the eye contour and forehead. With their’Botox’ effect, they are not only a cosmetic alteration to treatments with botulinum toxin, but also help to maintain them.

Redensifying Filling Concentrate – Formulated with powerful cellular promoters, these ampoules stimulate, fill and rejuvenate the skin from the inside out. The result, skin with a more vital, juicy and denser appearance. Inspired by aesthetic medicinal treatments, this ampoule helps achieve a 3D effect for thin, flabby skin with wrinkles on the face and neck.

Instant Lifting Concentrate – These are ampoules have a lifting effect for an immediate action to help smooth and firm skin. They are especially indicated for tired skins with sagging and wrinkles. By having a ‘flash effect, these ampoules also allow for more uniform and lasting makeup.

Dark Spot Correcting Concentrate – Soften the appearance of the spots, unify skin colour and clarify the yellow tone of skin derived from age. These ampoules are specific for skin with accentuated spots, hyperpigmentation or a sallow tone.

With so many ampoules you can now choose the one which best suits your skin needs or goals. Each pack of UNIQCURE ampoules comes with its own ampoule opener and a resealable application lid so you can use them twice a day for a seven-day skin boost or every night for a 14-day skin treatment. 

Need help with opening your UNIQCURE ampoules? Watch video here 

Elysha Lauren x

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